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Ingredient Spotlight

Lets break down the basics of three amazing oils that command the center stage because of their natural benefits. We’ll be discussing their nutritional value for our skin, lips, and hair and how we utilize their magic properties into our products for you to try out yourself.


Pomegranate oil contains many antioxidants, anthocyanidins, ellagic acid, and punicalagin that work together to help increase microcirculation to renew cells and prevent fine lines on the lips.

It deeply penetrates to absorb moisture where your lips need it the most. The punicic acid that is found in pomegranate seed oil is an omega-5 fatty acid, which helps lock in moisture for fuller, softer, and younger looking lips.

Our Product: Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lip Sticks



Maracuja oil is an emollient that helps your hair lock on to water to keep it moisturized and healthy. It also is rich in Vitamin C and fatty acids to prevent breakage.

Now you may be wondering what this has to do with mascara. Well your eyelashes believe it or not need to be conditioned as well in order to stay long and not fall out. Our mascara is infused with maracuja oil to provide the nourishing benefits your lashes need to stay healthy and strong.

Our Product: Maracuja Mascara



Mangosteen’s anti-inflammatory helps to soothe acne prone skin, eczema, and skin inflammation and its antioxidant properties helps with skin aging due to free radical damage. With mangosteen found in our foundation not only will your skin look amazing, but every time you use it you will be helping your skin become healthier.

Our Product: Fruit Pigmented Healthy Skin Foundation

Gabby Aikawa
Bio Chemist / 100% Pure Product Development

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