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Rejuvenating your Skin

Why I love the Cherry Honey Facial Scrub so much
by Susie Wang
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This is my absolute favorite facial scrub – not just within the 100% Pure line but out of all the hundreds of facial scrubs I’ve tried.  I have literally tried hundreds of facial scrubs ~ it’s my job to!  As the founder of 100% Pure, it is my responsibility to know all the other products out there and to make sure we are offering the highest quality, most effective and purest product.

The base is raw tupelo honey. Raw is key because once honey, orange juice and other foods get pasteurized (heated to purify), a lot of the nutrients gets cooked off.  Honey is full of antioxidants; is anti-bacterial; is a humectant (hydrating) so these properties keep our skin youthful, clarified and hydrated.

The other main ingredient is organic cherry concentrate which is also high in antioxidants and full of multi skin beneficial vitamins; is anti-inflammatory and brightens skin.

Rest of the other ingredients are:  Jojoba beads, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Strawberry Extract, Blackberry Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Blueberry Extract, Raspberry Extract, Cranberry Extract and Pomegranate Extract ~ and nothing else!  A completely 100% natural formula that is concentrated with healthy, good for your skin ingredients!

There are 2 layers of this facial scrub – the bottom layer is the honey, cherry, raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate, and other fruit extracts while the top layer is made up of perfectly round jojoba beads.

To use this facial scrub; use a clean spoon to swirl the 2 layers together.  Scoop out a spoonful to use on WET skin.  Wetting your skin before use is key because it will feel sticky on dry skin so make sure you wet your skin first.  Massage in circular motions for 1-2 minutes then rinse off with warm water to reveal healthier, glowing skin!

Let us know your experience with this rich, luxurious scrub!


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