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Our Sincerest Apology and Free Gift

Dearest 100% Pure family, friends, customers, and fans,

On July 1st, 2014, our company underwent some major changes in order to increase our efficiency and better serve our customers. We moved our entire internal system to ​NetSuite​, a software​ ​that would handle all aspects of our business. Although we spent many months in preparation for this move, the July 1st launch brought on many unexpected problems that not only affected us, but all of you, our loyal customers. For this, we would like to extend our deepest and sincerest apologies. 


I​n this move, every piece of the puzzle was involved — including our website. We enlisted the services of a Netsuite recommended company to help bring our existing website onto our new platform. Our plan was to have our website suffer minimal down time in order to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted shopping experience for you. Unfortunately, this was not the case. There were problems with how the website was set up – from front end to back end, and that affected our ability to provide a smooth shopping experience.

We want to be as transparent as possible and address every issue that we encountered:  ​

  • We had issues with transferring the old DNS to our new site, causing much more down time than expected. Many of you would shop, adding products to your cart only to find that you could not check out due to browsers operating under the old DNS (old website).  ​
  • Orders were coming into our backend system incorrectly, and we were unable to see those orders, let alone process and fulfill them in a timely manner as we usually do. We would have liked to send an email alert to all customers that had orders stuck in the system, however we had zero visibility into whom those customers were. Some orders were stuck for almost a month in our new system. This was highly embarrassing to us and extremely inconvenient for our customers.  ​
  • Problems with our payment processor did not allow us to capture payments. On initial deployment, our ​new ​payment processor ​(​CyberSource) ​seemed to be capturing payments correctly but in reality there were internal glitches causing payments to not be collected. We had many customers who placed orders with us but were not charged until weeks after receiving their order. We had several other orders that had to be canceled due to our inability to correctly capture payment after so long.
  • Website integration problems caused inventory inaccuracy and allowed out of stock items to be ordered. In turn, this created further delays, causing our shipping team to be unable to fulfill out of stock items and requiring our accounting team to issue refunds to affected customers.  ​
  • Our customer service team was inundated, leading to a snail’s pace response time. All the above had a snowball effect that eventually hit our Brand Ambassadors (customer service). There was a period of time when our voicemail inbox would fill up to the maximum limit within two hours and our email inboxes totaled to an insurmountable mountain of email. For every email we sent out in response, 3 more would come in. The phone lines were so busy that barely anyone could get through. We could not bring in temps or new hires because of the learning curve and two week training program new hires go through. We could not have other departments assist as they were occupied with their department implementation issues.

We strive to provide the best customer service possible and we want to sincerely apologize for all the issues that occurred. We have now fixed the major issues on our new website, have hired and trained more customer service representatives, and put in place new procedures to help us improve our efficiency and make your experience a smooth and pleasant one. We are continually working on more ways to optimize our website for a better shopping experience and hope you check in often as we have some exciting programs as well as products that will launch in the coming months. Once again, we are shipping most orders out on the same day or next day.

If you left us due to the above issues we are truly sorry and invite you back to try 100% Pure again.

We thought a detailed explanation ​is definitely owed to you. For being patient and sticking with us through all of this, we also wish ​to gift you with our Coffee ​Bean ​Eye ​Cream 0.5 oz (since this is a customer favorite). ​Just place an order before midnight on August 27th and you’ll receive one included in your order for free.

Yours Truly,
Ric Kostick, CEO

100% Pure

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