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100% Pure Loves Animals

At 100% Pure, we truly love and respect animals. As animal welfare advocates, none of our formulas are ever tested on animals, all of our products are vegan (or vegetarian when we use honey) and we support various animal charities.

Some people may not realize that many non-synthetic makeup brushes are made from animal fur (such as sable, squirrel, mink, rabbit, dog) and that the animals are actually harmed in the process.This video (WARNING: graphic material) shows the suffering that animals endure while their fur is harvested.

100% Pure uses only synthetic, antibacterial fibers that are made completely cruelty free, without harming any animals at all.  We use the highest quality of synthetic fibers to ensure our brushes are soft, clean, durable, and work even better than animal fur brushes.

We want to thank all of you – by supporting 100% Pure, you provide us the means and the voice to help eliminate animal cruelty.

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