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Meet the Bride: Gillian Wang

her style: “my wedding style is soft french country, with lots of soft blush, white, and pastel colors. i want the guests to feel like they are in the french countryside vacationing, enjoying the beautiful weather and view of the ocean.”

“my favorite 100% pure product is red wine resveratrol nourishing cream. my skin has stopped
breaking out, and it has helped combat my combination skin type and improve my t-zones. the best thing it has done is even out my skin tone and brighten my skin so i can often go out without having to put on any foundation or powder. when i want to feel a little bit fancy, my favorite powder is the healthy flawless skin foundation powder. the sheer to medium coverage makes this a very versatile powder to use, and it does not irritate my skin or make it turn blotchy after extended wear.”

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