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100% Pure Loves Animals


At 100% Pure, we truly love and respect animals. None of our formulas are ever tested on animals, all of our products are vegan (or vegetarian when we use cruelty-free honey) and we financially donate to many animal charities. As animal welfare advocates, we choose not to sell our products in China, where animal testing is required.

Some people may not realize that many makeup brushes are made from animal fur (such as sable, squirrel, mink, rabbit, dog) and that the animals are actually harmed in the process which is why we use only synthetic, antibacterial fibers. 100% Pure brushes are made of the highest quality of synthetic fibers, making the brushes soft, clean, durable, and longer lasting than animal fur brushes. This video (WARNING: graphic material) shows the suffering that animals endure while their fur is harvested.

Here’s some of the 100% Pure family, all of them which are rescues!
Nana was rescued by Henessey, one of our Brand Ambassadors, when her previous owners were unable to care for her anymore. Nana has learned how to to sit, stay, and lay in the first 3 weeks she was adopted!
Our Wholesale Accounts Manager and Logistics Lead, Christy, was in Korea when she rescued Coco and brought her back home. Coco now lives a very happy and pampered life with Christy!
Shannon, our Logistics Analyst, rescued Loki from being placed in a shelter after a friend’s dog had an accidental litter of puppies. Shannon and her family loves pampering Loki, and he loves the attention!
Prince, Joy, and Victory were all rescued by Susie and Ric, founder and CEO of 100% Pure. Susie and Ric took in Prince when his previous owner was unable to care for him anymore. Joy and Victory were adopted by Susie and Ric when they were discovered at a nearby pet hospital. Someone had dropped off a pregnant dog, and she and her puppies were in need of good homes. All three are now live very happy lives!

Pepper and Penny were found on the streets, abandoned, dirty and scared. Someone alerted the 100% Pure team about these two dogs and brought them to us to care for them. Lydia brought the two dogs home and now Pepper and Penny are very safe and happy!

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